? What does this mean!


Hey there but do what is this orange line?


I am confused right now

What is this?

Bye :wave:


Might be a bug or something.


I have seen it several times. I just forget to point it out.


It's the evil carrot line :00


No! Not the eveel carrot line!

I have -0.2 clues as to what that is



NOOOOO soon all topics will have the Karoot sickness!


It's the eeeeevil carrot line :00

Also please SBYP :D


There was a topic about this?


This topic :D :


It's spelled Karotte though


Ohhh I know that!

You can use keyboard controls.

It's not a bug xD


Oh sorry just a FYI though I do search before I post



What's that xD

U make no sence


You can use keyboard controls, but the line appears on the left side of topics, not the bottom.


I knew that :D

The topic name isn't that relevant so it's reasonable that it wasn't fund while searching :D


I pressed the K key on my keyboard and it did that.


It is stuff that needed to be further swiped down to load for!


Makes absolute sense, @DA-BEASTY! Good thinking ;)


I tried it and that happened...


It's the carrot line! Just a bug, you can ignore it.