What does the Rising channel mean?


I made a project called "Time-Lapse Time!" and it got into the Rising channel. So I am wondering. What does the Rising channel mean?


The Rising channel is cool projects made by Hopscotchers that aren't super popular


@CreativeCoder is right! Since some people have very cool projects and they aren't really known around in Hopscotch, the Hopscotch Team created the Rising tab to let hopscotchers look and play with projects that were made by not-so-popular talented hopscotchers.


Since the Hopscotch Team can't Feature everyone, they decided to create the rising tab for Hopscotchers.


And trending means projects that are quite good but not good enough to be in featured?


@Ihasfluffycupcakes The difference between Featured and Trending is that Trending is based on hearts, plays and recency while Featured is where the Hopscotch Team chooses projects. Rising is also where the Hopscotch chooses the projects that go in there.