What does the Notepad Button do?




I just saw this when I replied to a topic:

What does it do? I understand that it edits the post, but why is it different from the other edit button??

EDIT: I forgot to search before I ask. -_- Too late now!

EDIT 2: This text is me using the notepad tool. Anything different?

EDIT 3: Me (MobCraft) can edit it

This is a test

It worked! If it didn't, you wouldn't be reading this

I dont have that button. Maybe its for regulars


@MobCraft and I just conducted an experiment, and guess what this does:

Other people can edit your posts!!!

The pencil icon shows up if this is turned on, which lets anyone edit the post! You can now see the pencil on the post above!!!! :smiley:


Really? O_o I don't want that to happen


Don't worry, you can turn it back off! :wink:


Oh, I thought I was for all posts, not the first one :stuck_out_tongue:
How do I turn it off? Is it in settings?


If you click it, it will turn green. If you click it again, it will turn gray again, meaning that it's turned off. You can actually do it on a comment! It's in the ... menu. Try it out! :wink:


This is a test to see if the edit works on a comment. Add something to this comment! :smile:

K @Follow4LikesOfficial
It's a cool trick!-AHC
LOVIN, DIS @Rawrbear! -Pokemon101
Ok i added something AW18Mia's PercyJackson9


Maybe it works for regulars, but I'm just a lil member right now

And, I don't understand what your saying. Click what? 🤔 the Notepad?


Can you not see it???


I think it's a regular thing, I'm just a member currently


You Have A Captoin, @Follow4LikesOfficial? :sweat_smile: