What does the mc in my username mean?



So, do you know what the "mc" in "Bluedogmc" means?

What do you think it means?

  • most code
  • must code
  • minecraft
  • other (tell me below)


I just want to see if people know! If I've told you already, please don't spoil it!


What does it mean?V


I didn't know it meant anything.


I thought it meant MemorableChicken for some reason XD
But what does it mean?


My cake?

Is it for the birthday?


nope XD! I do like cake though!



I'm not telling yet! I'll tell soon! I want to see what people think!


Dang it -___- :wink:


Out of the options in the poll, what do you think?


Mission control! XD


Nope, but that does sound cool!
It's like: "Hi, I'm bluedogmissioncontrol on hopscotch"


Moar cheese!! :joy:


More cheer!!!!!!!!!!!


It stands for.....

Macaroni Cheese


Nah, jk. I don't know :P


More cake! :D


That's what I said!!!!!!!!!!!!,

Jynk You own me a soda!



Here you go, now back on topic please! :D


I am going to bed soon!

I can't drink that!



I thought it meant Minecraft...


As first that's what I thought!