What does The Hopscotch Team look for in someone who could become a good leader?



Definitely not popularity.
Someone with easy-to-read posts, which we have.

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Main Question

What does The Hopscotch Team look for in someone who could become a good leader?

P.S. I wonder why there wasn't a tag called "the_hopscotch_team"…


They are looking for

Maturity, respect, nice, someone who has seen everything, easy to reed sentences, proper grammar and spelling, someone nice, someone who keeps there cool always!


We have all of those qualities (especially the language arts ones, I'm amazing at that and memorized the keyboard: 5-!&5wpqy << that is our username with opposite keyboards; we used the letters keyboard for the numbers and the numbers keyboard for the letters) except I'm not sure if we have maturity being under 12 years old.

Thanks for the help! I'm trying to see how good of a chance we have at becoming a leader.


Yes you do!

I think the next leaders will be...



I think the next leaders could be



Let's not get too crazy about who's going to be a leader...it's been too crazy lately.


Yeah a little bit to much!


I agree with @CreativeCoder!

Let's not get too crazy with guessing. It's ultimately up to Liza who will be promoted. We should just be patient, and wait for what happens! :D


@Gilbert189 you beat me to it! :laughing:

Anyways, let's not get too caught up in guessing! There are many qualities to becoming a leader! Some of the big things are being around for a lot of time, being positive, and being helpful!


Being a leader isnt very important! Oh and do you want to br a leader @tankt2016


It's super cool how everybody is interested in this! :slight_smile:
I think Liza is going to wait a bit! When the new leaders were promoted it was crazy how everybody changed themselves. The mainly look for nice users who are patient with it, like @Gilbert189! Like @CreativeCoder said, don't get too wrapped up in a badge! You can still be leader without one!

I used Gilberto as an example because he reminds us to not rush it. :slight_smile:

Oh man... I hope PT0219 hasn't copwritten that yet!


Yes! Very badly.