What does the Home tab do?


@Liza,@alish, and @asha, what is the "Home" tab, and what does it do?

At first I thought it was Featured projects, but then I saw a project of mine that wasn't Featured and as well as a bunch of others.


Once again I was the first to bring it up and I think it's just a random bug that put that tab there it's doesn't effect anything so don't worry about it




In the previous beta, the home button was just a new tab that was to show the most innovative projects on hopscotch. But there now seems to be just random ones now. I don't think it's a bug, they are probably just testing stuff out. :smile:


I highly doubt that would be a bug. I think it is just a section that works as an entrance screen, so you don't just appear in Featured. I don't know, we'll have to see!


@CreativeCoder is pretty much correct here. The Home tab combines the three streams of Featured, Trending, and Following. It's just a way to get more awesome stuff into one stream! But you can still view the individual streams by switching in the menu.

We just figured it makes more sense to get dropped into "Home" when you open the app instead of "Featured"

What do you guys think? Is this a good change? Is it better to keep these streams separate?


Yay @Ian!

I think it is a really cool addition! It's like "Hi! Welcome to Hopscotch! Here's some projects we think you might like!" instead of just "HI. FEATURED. YAY."

It'd also be nice if you could add a mechanic that works like this: Let's say you're looking at #art or something. You're pretty far down, but then you get a notification from your "Activity" page. If you try to go back, it usually just makes you go back to Home. It would be helpful if it kept your place.


That's what I was wondering as well: at first I thought it was like a new tab or something but I just guessed it was like Featured or Trending combined together. It's a great change, @Ian! I was wondering randomly if we could shuffle all the Featured and Trending together and we can also have like small tags on our projects that say Featured, Trending, and other tabs as well!


@CreativeCoder Ooooh good one!!!! And this would probably be an easy addition, too! Thanks!!!


Yea, we can definitely do a better job of organizing projects with tags @Berrymelon. The current system of channels doesn't always make it more organize. Some channels can get pretty chaotic and totally off topic!




You enjoy doing that, don't you?