What Does it Take to Be an Autofollow?



What does it take to get auto followed?
I know you're gonna say


But I just want to know, are their any requirements?

How to be auto followed
What does it take to be an auto follower?

I don't really know! The Hopscotch Team chooses. Normally you have to have very good projects, at least been Featured once, followed by THT, and be kind to others.
t1, funky, a10, a few of the oldest Hopscotchers, and I were one of the first, I think. We've been Hopscotching for about three years!


🤔 I guess that takes me out of the choosing then, since I only do drawings, only coding a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, @Kiwicute2015 , what symbol do you have next to your hopscotch name after the 2016?


Umm, I have no clue what it is. I got it from the app emoji smiley. It's a filler because someone had to take the name Kiwicute2016 :frowning:.
Are you followed by THT?
Anyways, with that MMGirl, she's definitely jealous of you. Don't let her bring you down! Look at how much support you got!


Thanks :blush:
And yes, I am followed by them.
I'm trying to code a little more, my goal is to get auto followed
I know, it sounds self centered, but I want to be able to inspire a lot of people on the app


Artists do get auto follows too, like poptart, but it might have been before the last touch block.


@Kiwicute2015, correct me if I'm wrong, I think that there are 12 auto follows. It's pretty amazing to be one of 12 in the WORLD.


Lemme try to list them. Spelling errors may be made!
Hopscotch Team
Star girl studios
Sim sar
Toaster rebellion
Cheerful owl
Ancient viola
Slippery Salamander
Pi studios
23 people! And half don't even play Hopscotch anymore...


Why is black princess auto followed? I haven't seen many projects on her profile


That's all that I found. I don't follow a10, I don't know why, but apparently he/she is an auto follow.


I found some more:

Of course, most of them, you've already found.


Whoa, I didn't know SimSar was autofollowed



Weird unicodes on the Tibetan keyboard


You forgot the hopscotch team ,lol


Also forgot a10, but whatever.


6 of the auto follows have numbers in their names.


Followed by THT=auto follow
Liked by THT=Featured
🙃 I was just thinking about making this topic last night!


And one has a date and 4 numbers in her name

Can ya guess whoooo


It you duh and I'm pretty sure that ur b day too since ur making you second project public that day! :sweat_smile: just guessing 🙄


Actually, THT can like a project and it normally goes into rising, or nothing. My friend who was just noticed by THT, because of him asking about bugs is followed. He can't really make projects. So both of those statements are false.