What does it take to be a good Hopscotcher?


I want to be the best I can be on Hopscotch and to others. How can I do that?


Well imma be cheesy right here right now:


  • Be nice and help others :)
  • Practice coding a lot ;D
  • Don't remix randomly ;)
  • Do your best with everything :D


Also, try to create projects that are an originat idea.


Work on projects/post them weekly, if you wait too long, people who like most of your project might think you left. Make original games or designs. Artwork is ok, but it only gets on trending (except for some exceptions)

Keep people posted on what you are doing, and having a feature under your belt is very helpful. (Creating featured worthy project might take anywhere from a day to a week. Anything longer is gonna be too complex and you'll never finish it and it'll be buggy)


There are two methods that I have:

  1. Sing the Pokèmon Song. The lyrics are literally "I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was."


2. Look at projects on Game Changers or sometimes even just Featured and then view their codes to see what they did differently.




Did you like that? 🤣


100% this. If you don't do random remixes without really looking at the project or changing anything, then you are off to an amazing start

heres another thing: dont be the nine-year-old version of me because everyone literally hated me at that time XD (I am ten now)


But...I didn't hate you.


Be respectful, follow rules, and try really hard on your code or art skills.
Also, less people seem to code now, so I suggest you code regularly, even if it's not that often, you should sometimes.
You should usually post things worth posting. I usually delete replies and conversations after the other person has read them, just to clear up space on my profile, so you don't have to go scrolling too much to find the good projects. And if you remix, remember to at least add to the code a significant amount. Just try not to fill your account with spam, so people can find the projects you really worked hard on without having to go through less important stuff.


Try to be friends with someone lonely or unpopular
Be kind to others even if you do not agree with them
Stand up for what is right
If you think something is cool, give the person who made it a compliment
Take time on your coding and try to improve your code
Ask for help when you need it
Do not beg for likes or followers
Do not say mean things, set a bad mood, or say bad words
Do not spread rumors
Always cheer people up and/or try to make them smile

This is as good as I can explain it. These things are usually traits found in some of the people that are good influences on the forum like @MiNi, who could give you a lot more advice.


I'm flattered, but you covered a lot :D


No stop that we were best friends when we were both like 7, 8, and 9 and now I'm 11
I started hopscotch in like 2014 sooo
I probably started Hopscotch when I was 8 and met you at 8 or 9


I guess I was over exaggerating, but the reason I said that is because a started a few unnecessary flamewars that I wouldn't start now. I think they've all forgiven me but I have problems trusting them like that with big consequences on the forum.


I think I'll go with that Pokémon suggestion
I'm just weird like that :wink:


Sounds good to me.

The song really does sound good. I like the tune.


Thank you guys for the suggestions! I do need to be less random and be more... considerate.. of what I do.