What does it mean


What does it mean if my thing need moderation because it just said that when I did that other one


Aha. I know what you’re talking about. As a new member, you sometimes have to wait a little for your posts and topics to be “approved” or “moderated”. I can read this topic now, so you should be able to post replies, but you might have to wait a day more because there are certain limitations as a new forum user.


Yeh its kindof anoying


This happened to me! If you want to me to tell you my experience with this, please let me know because I would be happy to share!!


Okay can I do it now is it working


what did yay girls do


Yes, it seems to work!



20 characters


Here’s a tip for getting past the 20 characters thing. If you put random letters between < >, it will be hidden and nobody else will see it.


Like this?