What does it mean to follow someone?


I'm new to the forum and was wondering what happens when you follow someone? Does it mean you get notifications of that person because I never do! Thx bye!!:smile_cat::smile_cat:

Your starting point and history on the forum!

I just means that you or they like your or their projects! A follow is worth a million likes!


Welcome to the forum @Rainboom! So when you follow someone it means you want to see more of their projects. So In hopscotch you know how you have tabs like featured, trending, rising etc? Well in those tabs you should see one called following. It will show the people you follow projects! Hope I helped!


Welcome to the forum tag me whenever you need help!(tagging is when you@name someone tagging me will be @StRiKe_Charler123)


Thx so much that really helped!! And the reply above too​:smile_cat::smile_cat:


Anytime! :D
If you ever have any questions just do @SnowGirl_Studios to get my attention! :smiley:


When you need help. @me!