What Does Invite Do?



If you go to your settings and look it says send invite what does that basicly mean


It invites someone via email to the forum! You can also invite an existing user to a topic.


Invite can be used for two things.
1. You can invite someone you know to join the forum by using their email.
2. you can invite a user to a topic by using the invite button at the bottom of the topic
this is the invite button for #2


Can you say that in a more clear way.sorry.


You type in an email. The forum sends an email to that person. It has a link to the forum.


But what about sending to another person on the hopscocth forum


Do you know how you got a notification for becoming a member? Well, it does that, but it has a little finger icon and it says someone invited you to that topic.


Weres the finger icon


Here, I'll invite you to a topic and you can see yourself.


"topic has already been taken"
???????, oh, you invited first... Oopsies


Can i try to invite you to somthing?????


Sure :wink:


Hold up were is the pencil icon ssoorryy


To invite you tap the invite button, or the topic controls



Thank you so much ceative coder . You are one of my top freinds up here


Also im about to invite you to somthing


I hit that but all it lets me do is edit


That edits it.

At the bottom of the topic, tap the button that says 'invite'. It is by the reply button.


I ment the whole time the finger icon can you help me again creative coder