What Does Hopscotch Look Like for THT?


Hey there!
I was just wondering, what does Hopscotch look like for the Hopscotch team?
I mean, how do they feature projects? Is there a "Feature Project" button on each project?
And those messages in your Hopscotch activity...like, "Updated Dragging!" with a project next to it... How do they make those show up? Do they have to actually go into the code of Hopscotch?
By the way, I searched before I posted, and nothing came up =D

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Great topic! I have wondered this myself!


Maybe @smishsmash might know?


They have an admin website with a control panel where they can do all that stuff



So it's off of the app itself?


I actually have wondered this before.

@Kiwicute2013 and @Smishsmash, since you've been to Hopscotch HQ, do you know how they feature projects or code Hopscotch. @BuildASnowman's answer was good, but I want a more detailed description of it.


I don't know that information, sorry! :D


It's okay!:grinning:



  1. THT uses iPad to like projects
  2. Goes on to a computer and searches name of project that they liked
  3. Press "feature" button
  4. Reorder them with computer
  5. Done.

Code of Hopscotch:

  1. Like any old swift code. Nothing special, except they can run Hopscotch on the computer


That's so cool! How did you find that out?


Because I'm a creepy stalker child who knows everything.




What @BuildASnowman and @Kiwicute2013 said. We have a web application to control those things. Other than that, I think that the app itself is identical. I think some people (like Liza) use The Hopscotch Team account, and maybe that account can do things like "feature" projects, but I'm not sure. Sometimes we have beta versions of things that doesn't launch.

Also, I don't even have a free subscription ._.


Why do only some HT members use the The Hopscotch Team account?


I would love to know this! Great topic!


I'm just curious... How did my project got Featured, if THT didn't liked it?


Because I'm a designer and I'm usually busy designing. :slight_smile:


Does every HT member have the password to the THT account?


How many people work at HS?


I think there are nine members of the Hopscotch team (Rodrigo, Liza, Meg, Nina, Jocelyn, Thomas, Sam, Christian, and Emily). You can see some information about them here. @Madi_Hopscotch_