What does getting a flag do?


I'm sorry, but I just have a question to help myself on the forums, what does getting flagged actually do? I mean, I know a few people who have gotten flagged, but I want to know if it's bad or good or doesn't really matter...? Can flagging affect you in any way? I know that even if it is bad, people who get flagged aren't bad people! Like in Harry Potter, all the bad guys are in Slytherin, but not all guys in Slytherin are bad guys! Sorry, just had to find some way to connect my fandom...



Really, nothing! Being flagged is just a reminder that what you were posting violated the guidelines! Flags aren't bad, they're there for us to learn from! The only bad thing about them is that you can become demoted if you get too many! :wink:


You might be prevented to become a Regular if you have enough flags!


Nearly everybody gets a flag sometime.

If you do, don't worry! I have gotten two messages but the flags were declined.


Okay, thank you! I'll make sure to follow the guidelines, after all, they're there to keep the forums a safe and happy environment!


Alright, I do want to become a regular so I'll try not to get flagged to many times!


Okay, thank you! :smile:


Its like 20 flags. You seem to be pretty responsible about the forums, as well as staying on topic.


That's the spirit!
Welcome to forum!



:smiley: I try to follow the guidelines as best as I can because I know it will provide a safer happier community!


:smile: :wink: Thanks!


I believe it's actually 6! :yum:


Oh! Well, thanks for the clarification!


To be promoted: Less than 6 flags
To be demoted: 20 Flags or more
To be promoted again: manually by Leaders and Moderators


:smiley_cat: <--- Idk...

Anyways................................ Thank you for even more clarification!


Flags are showing that something is

Off topic

Inappropriate content



Actually, getting flagged too many times doesn't prevent you from becoming a regular, it just makes it take longer to get the regular badge. :wink:

Sorry for the late reply.


Okay, thanks! :smile:


How many flags???!
Ive only gotten 1 flag!


Read the topic! :wink: