What does FTU mean to you?



What is FTU to you?

Many projects have the letters FTU in the title, and that means Free To Use.
But I think it can mean two things. Number one: Free To Use IF you give credit. Number two: Free To Use WITHOUT giving credit.
So, my question is, which one do you think it means?

  • Free To Use without giving credit
  • Free To Use if you give credit



Even if it says no credit, I would still give credit and encourage people to do the same!


There really should never be a time when you can just copy someone's code and not give credit, in my opinion. I won't name names, but I normally don't say FTU so that this one Hopscotcher doesn't copy! I've had to "yell" at them and it was no fun because then two weeks later they do it again.


That's what I think too!:+1:🏻


I also don't say FTU because if somebody wanted to use my project, they would ask. If they want to use it but they are too lazy to ask, that's their problem! :wink:


My FTU projects can be used without credit, though it would be nice :smile:


I think if you copy someone's project even if it doesn't say FTU you have to give credit. I see people copy my projects a lot and most of them don't give credit.


I think you should always give credit.