What does featured mean to you?



What does featured mean to you? Is it an accomplishment or not to you? Is is it important? Explain in replies below.


It's an accomplishment that shows you've been recognised for your hard work.

It's a great feeling, but not the most important thing to happen, or the most important to aim for.


The filter is strange. XD.


Well since I never got featured, I cant say.

If I did, it would mean the creators of the coding langue I am coding on first of all knows my project and think its good enough to be in the front page of hopscotch.

That, that is what means a lot.




What was the original word you have said?


Boi I was talking to @KVJ and I know it was off topic.


It was your hard.
And then I realized why it was blocked.


That's ok




When I get featured, which only happened once, I felt like a really achieved something. Now my project was being noticed by a lot of people and that made me feel more awesome and smarter.:grinning: It motivated me to make even more cooler projects!:grinning:


it means my hard work has been paying off, and I am improving my coding skills. I guess we can call it a "reward." I also think brings you one step closer to being "pro." Like pro when you memorize where all blocks are and you can basically code anything. I feel like it is an honor.


Featured = STARRY REACHED HER GOAL!!!!!!!! :laughing:


Featured is an accomplishment. It shows that THT mails your work and that everyone else admires it :DD


It shows you that you did a good job.


I haven't been on featured yet...so idk what it's like...


Your activity is spammed in waves.


I thought that XD
How much activity do you get a day If your on featured?


A couple hundred likes and four follows. And when I followed someone they said OMG I looked in my activity and saw Nindroid Games STARTED FOLLOWING ME!!! thx so much nindroid!!! I don't think I was worth it.


Oh ok XD