What does excellent mean?

So I’ve been recently scrolling through the hopscotch explore categories to find someone fun to play, until I stumbled across one of my projects in the excellent category. I’ve done some research on the matter and I now have a general idea on what it is, but how does that affect my project? I’m new to this part of Hopscotch and would appreciate and guidance towards the matter.

I’m just curious.


Hey, congrats on getting there!

I assume someone here can give you a more official answer than mine, but basically it’s a tab where a team of curators frequently put some of Hopscotch’s best recent projects. There are, to my knowledge, 3 tabs that measure project quality:

  • the best projects on all of hopscotch of all time will appear on Masterpieces.
  • the best projects in recent times appear on Excellent if they don’t qualify for masterpieces
  • really good projects that don’t qualify for excellent go on rising

If your project gets on excellent, you can get a free badge on the forum by asking the team here. Other than that though, nothing official really happens, you are not expected by anyone to consistently get on there. But by getting on there you do get more likes and views on that project and therefore more people checking out your profile, which is always nice!

Hope this helps, and again, congrats on getting on Excellent!


there is also Top Games if its in the middle of the Masterpiece category and Excellent category :))


Update : I’m now a star creator somehow…


Congrats lol




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