What does coding mean to you?



:clap: :clap: Hello. If you’re reading this, I mean whatever I say with 100% respect. When someone asks you, “What does coding mean to you?” I would say it is a place where you learn, play, and experience new things. Coding has helped me learn using different math skills, problem solving, and perseverance. Programming/Coding is on the rise, (by 45% according to computerworld.com) and with all of these new programmers/coders, I would like to know what coding means to you Hopscotchers…

(This is a spinoff of https://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/what-coding-means-to-girls/9607, but I want this topic to be less… controversial, and without the gender stereotypes, so if you have a differing opinion, don’t go hat.ing on someone. Agree to disagree)

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Nice! I think coding means to me my life, because someday I’m going to be a Programmer.
One day, if Hopscotch still exists, I might be managing it!




Nice topic!
My family dips in coding as work, so I would like to impress be computer communication(lol I’d I cannot work for NASA)


(all I am saying is cool now lol)


Also how/what has coding helped you learn?


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Coding to me means expressing your ideas in technology and making your ideas run wild in modern, technical ways.


Coding means fun to me. You can do anything you want, whenever you want!


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this topic is really cute! I was actually scrolling through the girls one recently, and it reminded me of how awesome coding really is. I love that we now have a place to discuss how empowering it is to solve problems - for all kinds of people!

to me, coding is a way to take an idea I have and put it into existence. true, there are a lot of ways to do this, but coding is definitely one of the most logical, plus it allows for a plethora of outlets, branches, and styles.


Very well written :+1:


Coding, to me, is an outlet. I don’t do it very often to be honest, but when I do it helps me cope with everything I have going on. It is a stress-reliever.


Me too. I can only go on HS during the weekends, but it relieves stress for me also.


For me, coding is my main passion and the most thing I found most fun in life. I want to work as a programmer later in my life, because I have really found something that benefits me so much! And the feeling that you can make whatever you want… it´s just amazing. And Hopscotch has contributed a lot to get me interested in coding! It was also an amazing start when I started to learn the coding language Python as Hopscotch had already taught me what the basics were: for-loops, if-blocks and much more!


Awesome idea for a topic, @GweTV! Everyone needs to remember why they like coding.

I like coding… Because it’s fun, it inspires me to feel creative, and I have to admit: it’s pretty impressive on my resume. :sunglasses:

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