What does a hopscotcher mean?


A hopscotcher liked my project

Does it say that cause they deleted their account?


Wait what

This doesn't make sense

I sometimes view old topics, apparently hopscotch wasn't out for iPhone before, and "A hopscotcher" would be an iPhone user, but I don't know in this case

Maybe just an actual guy called "A hopscotcher" but I don't know.

Edit: Or maybe you got so many likes on your featured project that your notifications crashed and everything next would just come from "A hopscotcher" who's that bear


I don't know, but I get likes from them a lot.


When you click on their account nothing happens


That's weird
I don't know what happened, then...


This shouldn't happen any more. Check to see that you have the latest version of Hopscotch.


She has the latest version of Hopscotch I'm pretty sure

You can see the icons on the bottom...


I think the "A Hopscotcher" has a really old version of iPhone Hopscotch, and/or there's a bug


It's an unupdated version of the iPhone app. I was 'a Hopscotcher' when Hopscotch for the iPhone came out and you couldn't play. I followed myself.

Also, please SBYP.


Yeah I have the new version


Then "A hopscotcher" Must have an old version of Hopscotch


Is it possible the person just wanted to be called 'A Hopscotcher?' I dunno XD

It's possible. Maybe as a troll? Idk, check their account I guess.

(Probably not... I'll stop wasting your time.)

  1. Okay so a long time ago, people on iPhones didn't have accounts so they'd literally be called "A Hopscotcher" resulting in a lot of those notifications.
  2. These accounts could not be clicked on, resulting in confusion.
  3. HOWEVER, that was a long time ago and people on iPhones now have accounts.
  4. The person could have a very old version of HS on their phones.
  5. OR they are being a troll and just set their username to that.
  6. Click the account name. If it brings you to their profile, it's a troll. (or someone who just liked the username). If it doesn't, they have an extremely old version of HS.

Hope this helped! :)



A Hopscotcher has liked multiple projects of mine too


I think that @Snoopy already mentioned most of the possible reasons. I have also seen "A Hopscotcher" in my notifications tab pretty recently.




Heh same :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for explaining that! I saw that on my profile recently, and wondering what it was. I saw it here on the forum several months ago but I couldn't find that topic again when I searched.


"A hopscotcher" is an iPhone user who has any update before the one you could code with.