What DOES a "Bully" Do? What can you do to prevent it?


Okay, Hello Hopscotchers! So, many people on Hopscotch get bullied and in real life they get bullied too, and some people don't KNOW what bullying IS, do I'm here to talk about it. Today a teacher came into our class to talk about it, and I had several questions because of bullies IRL. I'm going to explain it to you because you don't understand.

What IS a "bully?"

A bully is a person who usually does the following:
• Picks on people
• Trips others
• Name calls
• Hits others
• Hurts feelings
• A racist

What are some examples of what they DO?

I'm gonna give you some conversation and physical examples of bullying.

Guy walks up to someone. Guy: Oh well HELLO blue shirt! Steven: Stop calling me that I've told you a million times! Guy: Come on blue shirt it's cool! Steven: Stop... Guy: Don't get so gloomy, blue shirt! Steven walks away to the nearest teacher. Steven: Guy keeps calling me blue shirt and I've told him a million times to stop. Mr. Cardona: Okay, I'll talk to him. Next day.... Guy: Blue shirt I got a detention because you told on me! Steven: STOP. Guy: BLUE SHIRT GUY!! Steven tells the teacher again. Next day... Guy: Three detentions. Oh my. Blue shirt. Steven ignores him. Guy: blue shirt! Steven ignores him and tells the teacher and walks away. Guy gets a suspension.
Liv and Nicole are walking down the hallway. They're going to their line. Isabella comes up to Liv all giggly and says, "I punched a boy in the face!" Liv looks around. Sam is walking to the line that Liv and Nicole are going to. Isabella runs up to Sam and grabs his shirt and tosses him around and throws him at full speed. Next class, Liv asks Sam is he was okay. Sam says Isabella is a bully.

How can I prevent bullying?

Online, report them to a moderator. Real life, tell an adult and ignore them. Tell them to stop and if they don't stop then it's bullying.

I spent a long time making this with real life experiences so please don't tell me to search before I post.


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But great topic, I suggest editing the part about what is a bully. Not all bullies do that.


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These are amazing examples of bullying!

It's repetitive and makes sense! If it's just one thing online, give a reminder unless it's really racist or offensive to a group in any way, I'll have to finish the list tomorrow.


This is great! But a bully can also be an ableist and/or sexist


I suffered something like that in real life.


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A bully can also be ableist, islamaphobic, sexist, & homophobic. And they can make fun of people for their religion, for reading, for anything. But it has to repeat for it to count as bully.ing.


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