What does 20202020 mean?


May I just ask, what does it mean when someone is like,"oh yah! 2020220202020200"? Just curious :thinking::blush:


A post has to be 20 characters to post it, "oh yah" doesn't have 20 characters, so they put 202020 to make it 20 characters! :D



When people don't use up 20 characters (this is required to make a post) they type "202020" as a filler


That's required for a post. If your post doesn't have all 20 characters, you can actually type in "<" and then type in randomness.


Riiight! Thank you!
(Thank you*so* much for liking some of my projects... I screamed and I almost passed out...(no, I didn't, but, you get the idea, I was really happy and surprised!)


So like dis.


Basically, if people have a super short post, they do this:



So the post is 20 characters!




Cool past me. You done good.


Yeah! Just don't abuse the feature too much. Try to make each post count!


Ok! Thanks, so you use it, say, if you are just saying thanks to someone, so then you don't hav to write a 300 word essay about how thankful you are, right?(lol, I could make a 300 word essay, but...nah)


Yeah! You seem to have an idea of it!


breaking news Panda Blossom finally understands something!!




You could also type < then a bunch of randomness and it will be invisible, but it will fill space.


20 Characters rule filler. I just type <, then random letters, that will make it invisible.




Yay it worked!