What do your drafts look like?



What do your drafts look like? Mine look like this!

What does your activity look like?

Mine are just old projects being worked on.

mustn't reveal



you'll be given obscure-sounding instructions, like "drop it like it's hot," and you have to do the instructions it says.


Here's my drafts!
Well, I have like, 20 XD
Here's the top 4 (ohh some coming soons!)




That trail art project looks awesome!

Unfortunately, I can't show my drafts right now.

I will show it later, though!



By the way, I spammed liked you.


I like the looks of that Pusheen pixel art!


Nothing too amazing as of right now


That snowman looks super cool! @CreativeCoder
Thanks @tankt2016
Thanks @EnchantedAnimallover!


Ooh, cool snowman! I wonder what @SmileyAlyssa's look like?


You're welcome! I have some stuff coming soon.


I can't wait to see it! :D


Is the snowman BAS?:stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe XD

Yeah, it is. It's for my bot war game... I need to make Kiwi next XD


Mine are pretty pathetic :P

Most of the time I'm just screwing around with stuffs XD

Here is all of mine...

Don't mind the really freaky trail art I was attempting to do a couple weeks ago...


Are you Hopscotchifing Viva la Vida? I played that in orchestra.


Yeah. What instrument do you play?




Awesome! Me too! :smile: