What do you want the HS update to add?


Well, I could still do exactly what I described above. The only workaround I can see is that the hopscotch team will have to approve projects with that block, so that you don't just get robbed of your money. If a project was unfair with taking the currency away, it wouldn't be approved.


And like the whole game could run off the same variable so if I bought currency I could buy things in your game and mine


So like a built it game variable for currency


Arrays and text variables, please!!




BTW there are many other topics like this. I am going to add these ideas into this topic:


Although this would mean they'd have to spend a lot on more servers I'd assume and things would have to save and with more technology your going to have more glitches so they'd been more customer help on standby so this would have to be a feature extremely far down the road


Also, another feature idea: Transfered variables and cloud variables. Transferred variables would be saved from project play to project play, this would be useful for things like games with high scores. Cloud variables would be the same for everyone (like on scratch), and anyone would edit them and everyone else could see them.


If I could go and change one thing for hopscotch right now tho it would be I really wanna see how many followers I have and how many people are playing games like a live count of who's all playing games like for example
Pug Mug Rug
20 people playing
This would be an amazing feature


That would open hopscotch up to a lot more like then they could add a popular page and it would show whos games are being played the most


@Valgo would u like that feature?




Lol that would be @Valgo's...


Adding invisibility to the leave a trail block.


Alpha in the leave a trail block? That would be really cool!




Yeah. I thought about the idea when creating a watercolor Art Pad.


Yes! It would be cool if for text you could do (text) + Variable.




So like trending?