What do you want the HS update to add?


I love HS so I thought hey @liza @Rodrigo why don't we give you ideas for a new HS update :v:


New characters, and new profile avatars




Searching own projects.


More blocks :smiley: (I want that in every update :stuck_out_tongue: )


We need currency blocks where people can see ingame currency for a iTunes price and when u buy it, you can set it to change the desired variable!


So you are saying there would be a currency across all games that you would buy with real money?


Yes or maybe just like a regular brick that you could edit what variable it would increase if bought


Building off that, I'd rather like a kind of string ability for text, where you could have text and values all in the same block rather than use multiple characters.


The big problem I see with that is that someone could put a "take currency away" block in a repeat forever block, and you'd have wasted $20. Not so good, right? That's why I don't think that should be in the app. I've thought of this before, and I realized that issue.


That's smart! But eventually hopscotch will need to take steps like this I believe because financially they have one known income and that's subscribing which is a great idea but not enough I wouldn't think to keep them going and having regular huge updates


String concatenation (joining)? Yes please! :smiley:


They could give this currency brick to game makers who have monthly features and are well trusted among the hopscotch community



And that's like with displaying currency.
You could have like
Set text to ( "£" + [PoundVar] ) or whatever.


And another feature they need is a group and ungrouo feature so u dont have to make the same edit to many things manually


Well, I could still do exactly what I described above. The only workaround I can see is that the hopscotch team will have to approve projects with that block, so that you don't just get robbed of your money. If a project was unfair with taking the currency away, it wouldn't be approved.


And like the whole game could run off the same variable so if I bought currency I could buy things in your game and mine


So like a built it game variable for currency


Arrays and text variables, please!!