What do you think when you hear my name?


Hai… what do you guys think when you see my name?? Here is poll cos I feel like I’m really annoying.

  • Urrrgggh them again
  • They are sooo annoying
  • They are awesome at coding!!
  • They are so funny!
  • I wish they didn’t exist

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@OMTL (if I’ve done something wrong I’m really really really sorry because I get shouted at every time I make a topic… if you want proof of that look at my first GT)


I think your a pretty cool person. You do tag…a lot, but you’re nice.


Here is my (failed) GT:


ok, how can i stop tagging a lot??


I wonder who said I wish they didn’t exist??


Agh! I tapped the wrong one! I went to tap on they are funny but then my friend skyped me and when I decline the call it does that sticky glitch and sticks onto I wish they didnt exist, well there is ment to be only 1 I wish they didnt exist and 2 they are so funny, woops!


eh idc
i guess ur nice but u kept tagging omtl when I was on pbh


These are a lot of extrememes.* when I see your name, I usually think around the lines of “hey, that guy. he chill.”

*extra spicy memes


To be honest… I’m a bit offended that there was more than one ‘I wish they didn’t exist’


Dude, I would be upset too at someone basically saying they wished i was dead. What the heck?


@Stal98, I think you’re a cool person and would be offened too if someone said you shouldn’t exist, but it was an option!


Yo can i steal this idea? Thanks


Ye… it was just to see if some people thought that,
O well… they were probably just joking around


I think of this lol


None of the above. I just think ooh cool


Yeah, I didn’t select an option because none of them apply to me.


What do you think then??


I don’t know you particularly well, that’s why I wouldn’t say “They are so funny!” or “They are awesome at coding!”.

I also haven’t seen you do anything wrong (that I remember), especially not to the extent that I’d select any of the other 3 options.

I’d be more of a, “Hey, how’s it going? How can I help?” That’s how I am with most Hopscotchers I’m not too familiar with.


@hopscotch-curators please vote… I feel like you think I’m pretty annoying


There aren’t any neutral options…?