What do you think when moi replies to you?


Inspired by @bluedogmc-official and @Lightningstrike

What do you think when I reply to you? Be honest plz

  • Something helpful (can be critique)
  • Something nice
  • Something random
  • Something about your post (a comment or whatnot)
  • Something rude (NOT critique)
  • Something mean
  • I dunno
  • Who is this "MobCraft" figure?


Choose up to 8 options

Votes are public.


I tend to comment about replies :stuck_out_tongue:


Well apparently you never post something mean or rude :3

Not that I think you do


Moi honest opinion is a comment


Dude all of your posts are either nice or helpful! :smile:


Thanks man, I appreciate it.


No problem! It's true!