What do you think when I reply to you?


When you see the

:arrow_left:️ Bluedogmc-official replied to your topic

Notification, what do you think before you click the notification?

  • She is probably giving me great advice or help!
  • She might have something nice and helpful to say!
  • Ugh.. She's probably telling me to SBYP, get back on topic, or etc.
  • UGHH. she probably has something very mean to say!


Votes are public.

This is public, so for example, if @person1 picks the worst option, I can ask her what I can do to Change my reputation!

I won't be offended at what you pick, I promise! :D


@Huggingfluffybear already asked, but just so you know, anybody is free to make a topic like this


Is it fine if I may a topic like this?


Yah sure!

Anybody can make a topic like this for themselves if they want!


to be honest I really think

what I'm gonna post next in reply if need be XD #conversationsexist


To get more people:



Yeah to get more people tag me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My bad lol XD


:joy: lol I'm it's fine — tag me anytime is what I always post :wink:


All I think is oh kewl someone actually replied to me xD
I do that with everybody :p


wait you are a girl
I thought you were a boy :o


Nope, I'm a girl! A lot of people have thought I'm a boy Lol :laughing:


I dunno :stuck_out_tongue:


Da mor ya know


A lot of people thought @Explorer_ is a dude but I've read her bio so I know she's a dudette.:smile:


It's true, I don't know why though.


what i tink is "meme"


Right by you, sister.


Personally I love it when you reply. I really like you soo Xd


Thanks so much!