What do you think tomorrow's video will be about?



I can't tell from this clue!! :frowning:


@VisceralMind, is this from the real The Hopscotch Team? Cause I can't go on Hopscotch for some annoying reason!


Could be how to make models! Or penguins,or maybe unitecture!(yes I just made that up :p)


It might be a smooth backround .


I'm guesing its a sprite maker where you can stick emojis/text together to make one sprite and not have to code for each emoji/text to stay in place when moving.


Maybe duck life?I don't know.


Oh my gosh, this video is so like this video the Hopscotch Team made last Halloween!


Maybe It Is A Baby Chick Model Video?


It's Megamoji!(whatever that means)


Megamoji Means Emoji Combined Together To Make A Model That Can Also Move. He Made A Baby Penguin As An Example.


@Stampys_fans, please stop doing this. It clogs up the forums with unwanted posts. @Follow4LikesOfficial, and anyone else who does this.


how'd you become a leader @Kiwicute2016?


Liza promoted me!


I wish I could become a leader :pensive:


Be patient and try to be really nice. Don't get angry and help others :slightly_smiling: .




I know it's a lot harder than I make it sound :wink:.


Yeah, I stopped 6 hours ago.