What do you think the next hopscotch skills should be?


Now, the hopscotch team is probably going to make skills about, like EVERYTHING eventually, but what do you think the next skills they make should be?

  • Sin and Cos
  • Other less commonly used math equations and stuff
  • Values
  • Sounds
  • Movement/angles/changing directions etc.
  • How to use the Check one if/check once if else blocks
  • Clones
  • Trails/how to make simple backgrounds
  • Other
  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Choose up to 10 options


Cool topic! I think they should definitely make some tutorials on Cosine/Sine, that's something that I know a lot of Hops (including myself :P) have trouble with.


I know. That's definitely my vote. I'm awful at sin and cos.


I think CoSine would definitely make a great turorial, but it's one of the more advanced parts of HS, and I think THT wants them to be in an order from easiest to most difficult. :D


The first 3 skills were just making your shake and coloring it. Now they could do movement next.


I emailed tht some ideas. I forgot what, though. Though to me sin/ cos is skittle to advanced for a while, they said they're starting simple Ina few topics, it's essential to many things. Values/clones/check once if/check if else are essential to easy 3D, as well as methods of making games.and, if use correctly, can help with trail art.


I suggested CoSine and other maths but they wanna start off simple.