What do you think of my #hhc2016 project?


So... I just finished my #hhc2016 project. :DD

Please give me some feedback!


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Votes are public.


I vote it 14/20. :D

It's really cool, but the music is a bit repetitive.
The trail art and the pixel art clash, because they are pretty different types of art. :D

I also suggest you use a duller shade of the blue in the sky and the grass.

The cat pixel art is really cute, and the house is pretty cool! :D


Thankyou, senpai, for the advice! :DD


no problem :D


I rated it 17/20.
I really like it! I love the idea, and the cat is too cute :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I really loved the art but the music (like @Pingu said) was a bit repetitive. 15/20! Great job!


Cool! Awesome! There are tons of HHC2016 that deserve to get featured, including this! :wink:


I think the pixel art is amazing, but more could be added to it. I know you may not have enough time, but next time, maybe plan ahead!
The trail/shape art is really good, but maybe you should move it to the right more.
I think you should make the sky darker, like 240, 90, 25. And fill the sky with more things like lights hanging up, something to catch people's attention.
Okay that's all! I cracked my iPad really bad :cold_sweat: My sister said I don't have to pay for it, the school does, but I'm still doubting myself. My family can't afford that...please go on docs, the one I just shared with you.
Yes, and yah. :cry:


I'm at church D:

omg serene cracked her iPad too on 5th grade


Revive! :DD


Why do people never include "22"?


Because igs not 22 worth XD