What do you Think of General Topics?



Actually, I kind of like those.....


I would agree. This is a coding forum, and (most of it, at least) should be directed towards hopscotch and coding... although I will be honest in saying that some of those topics can be fun. :wink:


I agree that you should be able to post fun things and a little of topic but it might be to much when you write like "bhbvyggvcyfcfctfcym"




You're shocking moi, Nindroid.




Claps. (:clap: :clap: :clap:)


I agree. I think general topics are okay for sharing general Hopscotch ideas (and even for talking about things like music, art, sports, etc. as long as it doesn't get too off-topic) but I'm not a fan of people discussing personal, in-real-life issues that none of us can practically actually fix. Issues that I think are sometimes solely shared for gaining attention or pity. Of course, others just want help from friends, or really just comfort, and that kind of bothers me in a weird way. I want everyone to feel comfortable here, but sometimes I just feel like there are some people going to far. In a sense, we can't really help or solve their problems, but just console these people. I really would like to help, but honestly, how can I?


I am very shocking. (Should I pretend to be Pix for a few days? Or should I act like anti-Pix?)


Neither 1st, nor 2nd. Just be yourself :slight_smile:




proof everyone on the forum hates you






No one on the forum hates him. Pix is the best


I almost got suspended 1338783087378 times


Yeah I was thinking even more too that it seems like it helps :blush:

And it is okay; I know well that it's hard enough to come to terms with some of these things on your own, let alone try to weigh its effects on others. thanks for mentioning that though.

And nooo I'm not going to kick anyone out for that :cry: I can't deprive people of talking with forum friends at all, and even more so that you are finding that it helps at the moment. (and if anything, I think it's amazing in fact of how lovely you all are being to each other.)

As for the PM, I would absolutely be more than glad to (I had been thinking about PMs as well in fact) but I would have to check with THT first if I can have PMs with people.


Hmm I was considering maybe increasing the trust level needed to see #random-stuff as one idea. Not just for this but also because I see some people coming onto the forum with varying expectations of the place :thinking:

Any ideas on how we could keep an eye out for anything more closely?

I have a few (we can post reminders, you can tag us if you see anything, or flag to remind the person and notify staff) but these might bring us to reflect more on the Community Guidelines more. I would be really glad to have a discussion on those (like a topic 'Update to Community Guidelines?' I think things have changed over time in the forum, including sometimes when there were feelings of everything turning out bad :grin: and our expectations have shifted in some areas, I feel)


Wait I don't think this is like RubyWolf1, is it... :cry:


Hey @smishsmash :smile: I checked with THT and PMs are okay :thumbsup: in fact soon people will be able to email me too but I will let people know more about that later. For now, yep I will be able to PM here :blush: