What do you Think of General Topics?



Just a topic where I ask you to consider whether you like general topics or not, and why. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Your Opinion on Gen Topics

  • All general topics should be shut down
  • Some code-related general topics should be left up, but most should be shut down
  • All general topics should be left up
  • General topics should be left up, but moderated more closely
  • Other (state below)


Votes are public.

Anyway, please share your two cents here!

Updating responses for forum guidelines?

Shutting down general topics would be really bad. I think general topics are fine how they are right now.


Good thoughts! I agree that shutting down all general topics are bad, I just question whether they occasionally get too off topic :wink:


Well, most general topics are fine, but some just are spam. Those can be closed and shut down, but topics where you can just chat, give advice, and give coding advice are fine.


Sure! That's true. THT already does a pretty good job of moderating.


Yes, and I'm sure that @t1_hopscotch would be open to closing any spam topics ;)


Recently I've been pretty concerned and worried for people after some general topic discussions :disappointed:

Great topic by the way, thank you for making this :blush:


I guess it comes down to hopscotchers being upstanding and responsible and telling t1 about any topics that are too off topic. :slight_smile:


Yes, could you come to my topic? I tagged you there.


Thank you! Coming from you (or anyone, but especially a mod like you) it is an honor :wink:


Eh. I don't really care.


I guess another way of looking at it is just ignoring any general topics that are off topic. Is that what you mean?


No, I mean they're fine.


Ah okay. As I said before, I am slightly comcerned about "spam" topics or general topics that do not stay code-related, but they can be fun!


Some spammgeneral topics is bad like when people just writing "vvfgvtfvtfvtfvtfv"


How do you create voting things?

  1. Tap a gear when you're making a post
  2. Chose "Build Poll"
  3. Create your poll!


General topics for me are really the only fun topics st the moment.


Wow we've got a lot more people voting now, I didn't realise :open_mouth: :smiley:

For moderating more closely — something to add,
I have serious concerns about people's wellbeing, and safety.


There are serious matters, some people find the forum a place for talking with friends who understand, but there are cases where I can't decide if it would be more help overall to suggest external support.

I know it's probably clear to outsiders that I should suggest external resources, since we clearly don't have the capacity/professional qualification to deal with issues, but for the people who I feel need the help, they might be really reluctant about it and want to stay here.

I'm torn on how to help — wait, I just thought of something at the moment. I can do both — I can suggest external help but if they find it helps to continue here, they can too... well I suppose, I know there's content that really borders on not being appropriate as being seen by others, but then the people who need help need to talk about it. Maybe making it private if it's that urgent, I guess..?

Sorry I don't think this belonged here but there are people who I'm really worried about...
I guess to me it seemed to relate because I really wasn't aware of some discussions in general topics in the past.


Yeah sorry 'bout that I probably shouldn't be on the forum but talking to people here helps with stuff.

Yeah please don't just kick me off the forum. I am who I am.

Also can you make a pm with just me if you can, I need to talk to you about some stuff.