What do you think makes a good thumbnail?


@omtl here’s an interesting question: what do you think makes a thumbnail good? What about thumbnails makes you want to play the project?

And for a challenge, how about you find a project on featured and talk about its thumbnail: what is good about it, anything the creator could’ve done better, etc.


I think what makes a thumbnail good is a thumbnail that

  • Looks good
  • Will make the player want to play it
  • “Represents” the project well


A good thumbnail is something that makes me want to click on it.

Some things that I look at before I click:

  • Good design/layout

  • Understandable concept

  • Complexity


@tankt2016 @AwesomeNachos here are a few thumbnails of recent featured projects. Would you say they satisfy your criteria? Why or why not?


those look lit 11/10 would click


i mainly look for creativity and comfortable formatting/cool colours


mKay sO I have a reply going through the fiLTer

suCh fuN


Cool colours as in blues and purples etc.?


It should come out, there is no reason for it to be deleted. We will just have to patient.


no no like

comfortable colours

hey idk man i’m an artist so colours it a pretty big part of it for me


Okay, that’s why I asked. I also think colors are very important. How would you say the colors of this thumbnail are?

How about this one?


both are pre good dude


I’d give you stuff but it’s narly midnight for me and my brain’s like dead rn so


do you guys think we should have a poll for featured projects? like rating on thumbnails and inner workings of the project (an such)? on HSF of course.


How does Petrichor set that thumbnail?


Oki, what makes a thumbnail good, in my opinion, is that it should sorta advertise a project well.

Like, you wouldn’t want to have a project that’s like game changers level, and have a simple enlarged emoji and some regular text as the thumbnail.

I know that’s judging a book by its cover but still, people do it.
For example, say you got two presents, and they’re the exact same thing, just one is in a plain brown box, and the other’s covered in bright wrapping paper and pretty bows. Which would you rather open first? The wrapped one, right? It’s the same thing with people and projects.

And it should look professional, maybe without emojis, maybe with bold text, maybe a cool background, etc, also with good code too.

It also is good to make the thumbnail reflect the project, and what it’s about.

You also wouldn’t want to have like a 5-star thumbnail for a really simple unfeature-worthy project.

Some users like Petrichor have hidden thumbnails, and when a certain action is performed (say, swipe that X in the top left corner) the thumbnail will appear.
These people use invisibility blocks to do this, and I think it’s pretty easy, although I’ve never tried it.

Whoa I can write a novel on thumbnails at 12:30 am, I did not know that.
Wait, what the heck am I even doing up at 12:30?


The thumbnail gets people to play your project, and a few people like projects based on thumbnails, so you would if you want it to get any likes Andy plays.

It is pretty easy. Doing this allows specially created thumbnails designed just for the purpose of being a thumbnail.


I triggered one of Hopscotcher’s projects to show the thumbnail and I was like “Ohhhhhhhh!”

Does this text look 3d to you (in the thumbnail)?

  • Thumbnail makes it look old
  • Thumbnail makes it look new
  • Yes.

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The last one I’m not sure what the creator was trying to go for.

But I don’t want to create a situation where we all hate on Featured projects (since it’s a touchy situation)…

Any idea on how to organize this?


I agree with @tankt2016, she described a good one well.