What do you think about mass invites?


Hey there guys it's Huggingfluffybear and latley people have been inviting a ton of people to there topic!

And I feel like that should stop becuase it's just like the mass tag lost but In private!

How do you feel?
Bye, from a fluffy bear dancing on rainbows.


Three likes allready.



That's a good point! Maybe there should be a mass invite list...? XD

That's true though... It's a way of getting around mass tagging people


Invites should be used if you feel that a couple people in specific could add to the conversation. If people are inviting you just to make you look at it (Without you having any relation/intrest in the topic), then that's not allowed. :slight_smile:


Okay thanks so much for the help @Gilbert189 @Bananadog!

They were just inviting random people.


What would be the point of that


Why not use the Offical mass tag list!


Exactly lol
It's probably better just to tag people than invite them :901000 :D


People. Think they can get away from mass inviting and d
Not inviting any leaders :stuck_out_tongue:


I get invited to random topics sometimes as well, normally when I have no clue what the topic is about or if I care about the topic.


can somebody invite me to a topic so I can see what it does... no one has ever invited me so maybe @Huggingfluffybear can u invite me to one


@SimplySouthernGurl why was I invited to my own topic? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




I completely agree! I've been getting invited to lots of topics recently.


I'm really not a fan of it, especially when it happens multiple times on topics that also have a tag list.

It does clutter my notifications, which is a real pain for me.


LazyLizard has spoken typed!

I don't mind but I'm sure many others do :wink:


I know this is pointed at my brother, and I don't like this…
But you have a point.

Ouch! That point hurt! :-•P

A joke.

Edit #3: Okay, aparently it is pointed at a few.


It's not just him, many people do this.


I get invited to very few topics.