What do you think about Gender Quizzes on Hopscotch?


You have probably taken one before on Hopscotch. I personally don't like them because my result always turns out to be boy when I'm a girl. I'm a tomboy and I'm proud of it. What you like and dislike does not determine who you are.

Essential Question

Do you think they should be banned?
Why or why not?


They're just useless
Thats it


They're sickening, to say the least. They stereotype people based on gender and I really can't stand them. Anyways, I don't know about banning them. I don't like them at all, but it'd be hard to enforce a rule against making them.


I think the fake "gender quizzes" are okay since they don't approve of normal gender quizzes, so only the normal gender quizzes should be banned.


Yes because maybe people dont wanna share there gender?!


I mean like no one likes them but the people that make them don't realize that so they make more


Hey make no sense and always say I'm a girl.... ._.


Exactly. Those quizzes judge you based on what you like. I think that this specific type of quiz shouldn't be on Hopscotch. Although they shouldn't be banned.


They're just "meh" to me.
I don't really care if you ban them or not.....


They make me sick and wonder about society....
cough @alish


They think boys would pick dogs and girls would pick cats. I like cats better.



What they think counts as a 'male' or 'female' thing is...questionable

You still have hopscotch right?


I mean, they're fun and all, but they're not usually true.
See my new topic on stereotypes. (It's in lounge, for those who can't see it because they're a member)



I love doggos.


I also like cats better. Is that why they always say I'm a girl?


Well, one said I'm an old grandpa.




I don´t do these quizzes, so I have no idea what questions there are. But, there is no quiz that could guess your gender.


THere was one on trending that did. It only had one question that if answered honestly gave it 100% chance for success.


They bug me so much! I love sports, and I'm a girl. If I choose the outdoors over the mall, apparently it makes me a boy.