What do you mean by 'Who is Follow4LikeOfficial?'


Im confused. Isn't he anomunous??

@Follow4LikesOfficial im sorry this topic was just made because I didnt understand what people meant by that. My question was answered, but it turned into one of the topics where we guess who you are. Sorry for the ruckus, I know you don't like these topics! :wink:

No Guessing F4LO Topics

Yea, but he has a secret account that no one knows except for a few


Like a popular account or just some random account know one knows about


Idk, it's a secret. I'm pretty sure all the leaders and mods know tho :stuck_out_tongue:


So he could be, SmileyAlyssa, or Gilbert (nah), or even.... MAGMAPOP!!!??? Mindblown


Idk honestly, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He is not me, I wish! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: He isn't Gilbert either. And I'm pretty sure not MagmaPOP.


What if I told you...


I'm a girl. No. I am not Anonynous.


Is he me? I'm a guy... I'm new.... And he might be me. I won't tell you until F4LO the great leader tells you


I hope you guys didn't read my personal notes topic I made


Do you,mean his secret account or who he is?


I know the answer to one of those questions...


It's not me, I can garuntee it. I know, but I'm not gonna spread it. He doesn't want me to. :wink:


Mind blown


Is that true?


@tankt2016 No XD I was joking around. I don't come anywhere NEAR how amazing F4LO is.


Yeah, maybe he is @Anonymous


It's him.


That's his backup account tho lol


Why do people keep making these kinds of topics? I'm getting a little frustrated now. I already closed 4 topics that were "guess F4LO". Please don't make these kinds of topics.