What do you love about hopscotch


What features used to or love about hopscotch? reply here! Also when youre done, i would love you to check out the new game in the advertisment page! Heres the link in case you lost it. http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/mellow-advertisment-page-take-3/22737

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Sorry for mass tag list, im relaly anxious to see other peoples opinions and i dont know why lol


Lol jk my favorite feature is the new ability to do custom characters and items. It makes it have so much more to it. I cant wait to see if they add custom sounds to the subscription people.


I really like that you can make whatever you want!:grinning:


Could you please stop tagging me? Im starting to get annoyed. :confused:


Are you on the OMTL?


If they did that there would be a limit like 30 seconds on a published project an hour or something.


Yes, I am.


The @Yellow_Mellow probably used that, maybe you should yourself off


She used it in this topic (I think she recycled?) 3 times.


Lol my favorite part of hopscotch is where you can share projects and make friends!



Is the best part.