What do you like to code on Hopscotch?


What do you mostly code on Hopscotch? Please reply.

What type of project do you like to make?

SINE AND COSINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its so awesome with clones and smooth


I like Sine and Coisne too!


Me too! That and making games!
CoDingSine is Awsome!

(CoDingSine = Coding CoSine)


I love to draw!
Its not coding, really though. I have made 1 game.


I typically like coding games. However, sin and cos is cool!


I code games, draw pads, and text art!
I draw sometimes


I mostly code text art! c:

(I'm creating a 'Potatoland' right now in text art XD)


Whatever I feel like XD

I like to make games the most, but I don't know if most of my projects are games or not.


I like to make pixel art but I don't make much of it!




Quizzes and art pads. Sometimes I make games or illusions. Maybe text art.


Smooth backgrounds (yeah I sound obsurd but I learned my power of them)


Text art and pixel art mostly! But occasionally I make games :D


Games and stuff :laughing:


I mostly need help with pixel art.


I mostly code things that I think will get famous


I make...

(looks at Hopscotch profile)


What do I make.



I mostly code games, but I have some art.