What do you like of mine best?


This is just a small post about a question I wanted to ask. This is mainly for people who know what stuff I make. What type of projects that I make do you like best? I have no idea what you like, or what type of projects to make. This can be anything from pixel art (like my Iron Man or Peashooter) to games, to anything. Any input appreciated! :wink:


I think a pixal art or a logo (like mine? Or someone you follow?) or a circle background @CreativeCoder


@CreativeCoder, was my input appreciated?, just you know, didn't like it or respond, and it's been a couple of months, sooooo........


1 month...I got you AGAIN...


But was on-topic, and CC said she'd appreciate the comment, no sign so far........


Yeah ok...Fine!


I 've Won the war!, but does CC appreciate my input?


[dalek] ZAP! ZAP! He is destroyed! Report to Dalek Supreme!


Srly y does CC not show one sign(or postor like) of appreciating my comment, of couse not immediately, but you'd think 1 month is long enough!

I do but I kinda forgot bout this topic...


Thanks CC