What do you like best in a game?

  • Design
  • Aesthetics
  • The game it’s self
  • All

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This is just to see what people like more so I can work on making them better for more people to enjoy


Ok you really don’t have to make this many topics in one day, in you General Topic, can post stuff like this


Yea I forgot I could do this in there. Do you want me to delete it and move it?


Sorry but you can’t delete it, a leader has to close this, or merge it with you GT


How do I merge? I’m new lol


Only Leaders can merge


just turn one of your topics that you don’t really need into a general topic by editing the topic and title and just leave the rest alone I guess idk


Yea I have a general topic section. Just didn’t think of putting it there


okay well in the future maybe put polls and stuff in your general topic


Yea thanks guys, I keep messing that up


I think everything about a game is awesome, and how it all blends together!
It’s totally okay, @TheCMStudios
You are pretty much brand new, so it is completly normal to make mistakes! Trust me, I made a lot of them when I started out!