What do you like best about Hopscotch? Done right!


What do you like best about Hopscotch?

  • creativity
  • meeting new people
  • just coding
  • art/games
  • having fun


If it dosnt work, just put your answer below, please.
Thanks you everyone who helped me, it means a lot.
Credit to @LotsaPizza and @t1_hopscotch for the coding help!


I THINK................... ALLLLL OF THEM!!!!! All of the options @JumpyJose!


Can't argue with that logic, @Phase_Studios!


Same as @Phase_Studios i wish i could vote for all of them


Sorry, maybe il make it a multi choice if you want.


I love everything about Hopscotch! Creativity, meeting new Hopscotchers, having fun, games and projects!! Everyone is great and a member of the community!


Hey @JumpyJose! Thank you for giving t1 and I credit :wink: It means a lot to me that you think my help was appreciated! Oh and Hopscotch is awesome, so, HOPSCOTCH IS LYFE YAAAAAAAAAA! :wink: hehe


You're welcome! I totally appreciate you and your help! Thanks again! I agree with #HopscocthisLIFE!