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What do you like best about hopscotch?
Is it the friendly fans?
Or the simplicity of the code?
Whatever it is share it with us!


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On here you can also share your favourite and most used blocks and why you like them!

Here's what's my favourite things about hopscotch

My top 3 favs
  1. The simplicity in the code

  2. Featured, featured is a great way to see amazing projects and a chance for the community to see your projects!

  3. The math that is put into the code, sin and cos!

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I made this topic so maybe it might get more replies!


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  • Art/games
  • Just coding
  • Meeting new people
  • Having fun
  • Creativity


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I like it because if simple fades fun ciders and nice people!


It's the community.

The scratch community is too big.


"""""""""""""simplicity of the code"""""""""""""
if u think this is true, look at one of t1 or superswaggy88's projects


I like the almost infinite possibilities!


I like everything. The community, that you can make whatever you want and much more. Hopscotch is awesome.


I just love the community here! I have been gone from hopscotch but my friends still remember me :smiley:


I mainly do games, pixel art, and trail art, so art and games describes me. Öö




I completely agree.
This community is why I like hopscotch so much


I love Hopscotch because the community is great (kinda boring lol, but really you guys are AWESOME), it's coding games and other cool stuff on your iPad, and while you can make simple stuff, it can also be pretty complex. Best of all, it's all free!


I agree. But there are not enough good games.


Well there's always therealfunky63 to make projects, you to make games and dylan329 and I to make pixel art!


The people who are nice in a good/fun way.
The people who are don't remix my projects and add absolutely nothing.
The people who don't say something rude back if someone else says something rude.

So if there's anyone who saw this and fits in all three characters, I think you are a good person.

Who are your hero(es) on HS?

What's your favourite thing about Hopscotch?




Being Creative with code is the best thing


That you can be creative!


All my frenpais! (Including u Dolphy!)


Everything! Well, almost everything. All the remixes get annoying...


Probs the friendly community, but when you get a feature the remixes always claims that they made it... and that's really depressing...