What do you like about the hopscotch forum


What do you like?

I like how you can talk to really famous hopscotch people

Plz don't say everything be specific

Isn't the forum a awesome place?

There are several other topics like this. Please SBYP. :wink:


How people are really nice and helpful! And




Filling space alot


Yeah, I like that too!
I enjoy that I can share things I otherwise wouldn't be able to on hopscotch :wink:


It stands for "search before you post", except most people think it's not nice to say that. But people really should.


It means search before you post. :wink:


I love the forum because you get to talk to hopscotchers a lot more and learn a lot more (in my opinion) than in hopscotch, sometimes true.
It says search before you post


Can I ask does it matter if you start a new project like another one?Not trying to be rude


SYBP Itdoes sound a bit rude. And its not very helpful if the topic is made, the owner can't delete it.


It does sound rude, but it really is a good idea to search before you post. GBOT. BOT.


I have made a mistake on that before also!


Well, we don't want to crowd the forums with topics that already exist.

I like everything about the forums!!!! :smiley:


Ok soz guys I am still new


It's totally fine, I did that too :wink:


We have all done it once or twice, anyways, I love all of the forum! :wink: