What do you like about hopscotch



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I like a lot of stuff about hopscotch! I love how you can make so many cool things, I used to think coding was boring but now I love it so much! I hope the Hopscotch Team continues to create better things/updates in the app.

They surely are great people!

Though one thing I really dislike is the rps and chat clutter
it’s annoying to see everywhere and it’s not relevant to coding.


I really h8 what it has become. I joined in the early days where it was just good, high quality coding. Now, the coding is rubbish, the only way to get on featured is through images, and art and rp’s fill the app. Python is a way better language that’s really simple and sililar to HS.


Yeah. The RPs are kind of fun to read, but they are taking up hopscotch. The art is good, but it also takes up hopscotch and makes me feel like I can’t draw at all (I can’t anyway). I joined last year so I don’t know about the “good-days”. I wish I did.


If you want to know how long I was on HS befre quitting in May, look up “Der Stein=Stone”


Actually I get featured without pictures


You can tell that you don’t actually play the featured projects.

Most people do

  1. Code
  2. code
  3. Code
  4. Code
  5. Code
  6. Code
  7. Forum (because there’s nice people)

Which do you like
(You can choose two )

  • Forum
  • Coding
  • Other

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Haha I looked at them but as I said, I deleted the app. Plus, I was making a generalization.


No offence


@HI_people I like all the possibility’s that you have when making projects, there is always something new to learn when you are coding.


I really like to be creative and to code and that’s why I really like Hopscotch. The community is really helpful and nice, too!


I have two features and I don’t use images!


I have fourteen (or fifteen, but one of them wasn’t featured for the regular reason), and only one uses images.


OHHHHHHH!!! That’s awesome! What are they called? I want to play them!


I think the people and the community is something that draws others to hopscotch and the app. everyone here is so nice, welcoming and helpful!! I also really like the easy to use and effective coding platform that hopscotch offers!!


Just go my general topic and click on the links!

It’s called “SportyGeographer’s general topic”