What do you guys want in a new and improved Pepper Simulator 2?


I want to know what you guys want for a new Pepper Simulator I think that the old one is too trolley and wasn't really fun. So I wan a real improving from you guys!!!


More peppers! :D
And maybe different ways to cure the spicy-ness, like ice cream or water! :P


Water wouldn't help cool down. It would have to be anything with milk :D


Here's a link to my game


Yes, you're right, I was thinking that when I was typing. Then, how about if you give him water, the spicy-ness gets worse! :D


I have gone on rising a couple times. Now, I'm trying to get onto featured.


I feel like doing an oio-lengthed post, so here:
Your Pepper Simulator v1 was pretty humorous (which is pretty good) and that's probably why they put it on Rising. If you want Featured, try making it more complex and make it worthwhile. For example, add some new endings or improve the design flow of the game. Also, try adding some secret endings because they really work out well! Using secret endings will probably excite others to play your game.


oio would be proud of your oio-lengthed post

I'm tempted to @ oio XD