What do you guys think of the new HSF? Also, suggestions for the THT?


I know that the THT should be asking the question, but you know...


  • I love it!
  • (SECOND) best thing since sliced, no-crust bread!
  • It's awesome!
  • It's alright.
  • Meh.
  • It's bad.
  • It's terrible!
  • I want the old forum back!


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Any suggestions? @Rodrigo @Liza @Montoya


I was going to say best thing since sliced no crust bread instead of awesome, but my favorite part of all bread is crust :joy:

The new forum is great!


I think that it is



But I love crusted bread
Especially sourdough

And yes, the new update is..



i want it back to 2015s forum


I like it!
A bit confusing, but I'm sure I'll get used to it ^u^


But I don't really like the fact it goes straight to 'categories' instead of 'latest' whenever you try and go to the main page.
When you open up the forum, I'd rather it go straight to the 'latest' tab.
It's annoying in my opinion.
That's the only thing I don't like about it


I think that it is really good, especially with lots of new categories! And I opened up the new forum design like one minute ago, so I think that it is more to explore.


I think it's amazing! mainly because there are less flamewars, and it really does feel like the old-old forum. I am talking about when there were more coding topics.


Hmmm if there could be the latest topics underneath the categories (I thought it was possible but I'm not sure?)...

I guess now that I look at it, the categories layout was more to address concerns of forumers who felt they weren't able to find things from Latest... :thinking:
I have heard others who would like to access Latest more readily too

@MiNi :smiley: (just if you wanted to add anything :relaxed: but I will remove this if you don't want, just let me know.)

But I can see it can be frustrating in that aspect, you must like being able to browse more easily – I do too :relaxed:

And aw you must be missing things from then... (I know @Hermione was talking about it too...)


I think it's great :smiley: I've seen more coding mg topics then usual and that makes me really happy!! There are so many new tutorials and projects! (the clubs are pretty cool too) It's waaaay easier to navigate forum now, I think


yeah, even though i left for most of november, i still remember how great everything was, the first drawing topic

everything was so pure and fresh


Basically what a forum should look like

And we have a random category yey


@CandyflossClouds Posted by Rodrigo on another topic^^