What do you guys think about Octobers new update?



I know that most people think that this would be garbage but I like that they added skills. But I just want them to make more. I did all 3 in less than a minute. a minute. maybe, you say, but I say yes I did The Wikipedia page says that, in quotes, hopscotch is a "visual programming language" it has become so more. Be more cool hopscotch. Be more cool. :slight_smile:


My lovely thoughts on the update 2

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have fun! Oh, and I haven't gotten the update yet. ;D


Hi! Welcome the forum! My username on HS is PupCow2016.

I honestly really like the new update! I like the new skills and badges. :smiley:


It's fine. It is really awesome though!

I think it's awesome because more people are downloading hopscotch. And some people need a refresher. XD

Thanks for your help. Bye!



Wait, they have badges?? Could u take a screenshot of the skills and badges plz?


I know! I didn't know about the badges do you get it when you complete the skills? I haven't so idk.



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I already made a topic this this: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/hopscotch-v3-5-0-is-out/25129/12


I didn't see that! Thank you for telling me.


Here are the skills:

And Im not quite sure about the badges. I dont really know if can veiw them or not? All I remember is reading about badges you get after the skills. :thinking: ('.')/


Thanks. I guess we have no known proof about badges. Also @Goobrgrlrye, how do you add pictures?(I'm on iPad)


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Do you know how to put pictures up on the iPad?


In Hopscotch?
If so, you need to subscribe. Then press + and then 'Add image'.
If it is on the forum, save the photo, then press the bar with the arrow above it on the top bar.
I hope is helps!


To add pics on iPad there should be a button with a little picture of a mountain. Tap that, then push one of the buttons. The buttons should say: from web and the other should say something like from device or something. Any way, the bottom one, when u tap it it should say:
(I forget the first one XD)
Photo library
iCloud drive
Tap one of those, pick a photo, then press done. There u have it! ( I am not sure about on iPhone though. I am on my iPhone right now)


I love the new update! I just completed all the skills.
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Glad you like it! And totallyโ€”we have a ton more skills to add. This is just the beginning.

What kinds of things do you want to learn / practice in skills?


Co & sin please! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I'd like to practice Pixel Art because I stink at making the slightest pixel. Maybe you guys can make practice tasks for each conditional or whatever they're called, tabs? Blocks sorted? I forgot.... control flow, draw a trail, etc. Maybe Sine and Cosine?


I think it'd be helpful for you to do the basics of some areas of coding where people struggle. E.g., cos and sine, or the other new maths blocks, pixel art etc :slight_smile:

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Sine and cosine even seem pretty advanced!

Some more basic stuff might be like using loops, turn vs. set angle, set invisibility, set position and why it's powerful, values, etc.

What do you think?