What Do You Get When You Become A Regular?



I would prefer some advice from Regulars, Leaders, or Moderators.

So, I know you get the lounge, but I don't understand that part, if it's a whole new category, or if it's just something you can view, I know you can make posts other people can edit, but not how you can do that, you get a title (Regular), but what about the other things?


Lounge- place you can put posts so members and below can't see it

Title- duh

Editable posts- you can tap a button that looks like a notepad and others can edit your posts

Customizable tags- you can make tags

Change titles- you can change the titles of others' posts

Other stuff I forget

I am new to forum

You can also change the tags of other people's posts, but that's pretty similar to changing titles.


The lounge is a cate-
CC was already done with her post. :P
Also, I think maxes increase, but otherwise not much of a change. :T



Lost my likes again lol :heart:


Max likes, too? #INeedMoreLikes


When you get regular, the maximum number of likes you can give in a day is doubled.


Lounge? Just a catergory that puts topics from that in the normal stream. Title changing isn't used that much, but be sure to ask the creator of the topic first. We can see who changes the title, so goofing off won't be tolerated. There's more, but I am on a small phone and others do a great job explaining! :slight_smile:


Like I'm browsing though my new topics and it has a lock? That's in the lounge

These are all in the lounge because I searched lounge!


How do you get regular?


Uhh... You meet a lot of requirements I got it yesterday lol


Ok :heart: cus I ran out of likes for the first time!


Can't like everyone here so....



Congratulations on becoming a regular!


Congrats! They said it all before me!