What Do You Do When You Go On Hopscotch?



I created this poll because I was curious about other people's opinions on who's going to win in the Dawn of Justice Batman VS Superman movie. NO SPOILING IF YOU WATCHED IT TODAY!

  • Superman Will Win
  • Batman Will Win



Please keep your posts and topics Hopscotch-related. :wink:


Keep post hopscotch related,

But I hope batman wins! :smile:


He said not to spoil it!


cough cough it's says not to spoil cough cough


OMG Sorry! Looks Like I Spilled The Beans!


OMG I'm Sooooooo Sorry! I'm So Sorry!


Can you delet the post? :grin:


I Have Deleted It, Everybody Forget That And Eat Beans​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What Do You Do???

  • I Remix Projects
  • I Play Projects
  • I Code
  • I Draw
  • I Sing to My iPad
  • I Listen To Music
  • Other



Remember to keep topic hopscotch related!


We used to remix and play projects, but now it's a mix of that and coding.