What do YOU consider a Trending Project?



Soooo, you are on trending and you see one of your projects after scrolling down for minutes. Do you count your projects that are on trending but are really far down, or do you only count it if your project is on top of trending?

  • Must be on top, I've had plenty of projects on the bottom
  • I count the ones on the bottom, everything counts!
  • It doesn't have to be on top, but it can't be too far down.



Almost everyone's project is on Trending for some time, as long as you get at least one like. But for me, I try to get to the top! And if I am in the top five rows, I'm happy with me!



It doesn't have to be top because if you're on the top line it's just say around 300 opinions altogether more opinions count. But It can't be too far down because that's only 3 or 4 opinions.