What do you all think that hopscotch should have?



Some more buttons.....etc.:sweat:


I think a when is double tapped block would be super helpful!


Like the rules when you start with a rule you use them for a code!


Search before you post! I have a topic like this one. Consider adding to an existing topic before creating a new one.


I remember there was a post like this... SBYP, please


When ( ) is pressed for ( ) seconds.


Well, we don't really need that! You could use values to make something "When double tapped!" :smiley:


True, but I would apreciate just a block! It would be easier :D.


You can do that by:
When ___ is pressed:
Increase value Press Time by 1
Wait 1000 milleseconds

When ___ is pressed:
Check once if Press Time = X
(Run the code here)

X is the number of seconds.